My first-ever book project "Strange Native" is now accepting backers & pre-orders.

Note: Final publishing details (dimensions & pages) may change. Publishing date is also TBD (but should be within the next 8 weeks)!


Description: While wandering home and getting lost in the familiar, photographer Nic Persinger casts a transfixed eye on scenes of Appalachia. A personal photographic and written collection produced in the hills of West Virginia throughout the last 5 years, this body of work echoes questions of God, solitude, and seeking the unknown. Portraits of family, religious imagery, and remnants of what used to be make this series blur the line of sadness and beauty. "Strange Native" will be published by Empty Stretch.


Details (subject to change):

"Strange Native"

by Nic Persinger

32-36 pages,  5x7.5in

Hand numbered in edition of 100 


Pre-order options:


BACKER: A limited number of 10 Backer spots are available to help fund this project. As a backer you'll receive your signed copy of "Strange Native" along with a signed limited-edition 5x7 print (of a to-be-chosen image from the book), and a personal thank-you. 


"Strange Native" Backer: $100 (+$5.95 shipping) 


Standard Pre-order: Claims 1 of 100 hand numbered editions of "Strange Native" for pre-order.   


"Strange Native" Standard Pre-order: $25 (+5.95 shipping)